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   Jan 22

2012 English Shepherd Puppies!

These puppies were born on October 4, 2012. The mother was our Feather and the sire was our McRuff.  Feather, in the picture below, is a very smart and gentle girl. Although she can be a bit mischievous in the kitchen, she’s very much a Daddy’s girl and extremely friendly.EXIF_JPEG_T422


The puppies get their energy from their dad. McRuff is very energetic and husky in build, as is his father,  Buddy. McRuff is great at following direction and performs every task with military precision and snap!

McRuff - The Proud Papa

McRuff – The Proud Papa

Of the original 9, we still have 3 males available (Tippy, Blaze, and Mister) . Those lucky people that got first pick have been singing about how smart and fast to learn they are!

Joker's "save me!" face

Joker at 16 weeks
Joker, who is now known as Jack, has made the trip from Oklahoma and is now living happily in Wisconsin with a very loving family!
Blaze 121227
Blaze – who was also the only one that would pose for the camera
Mister 121227
Mister has a great personality and has come out of his shell! He was running and playing with all of the other puppies today, and having a ball!
Speck does NOT want his pic taken!
Speck picked out a great family here in Oklahoma, and went home with a bunch of happy and loving children!


If you’re looking for a puppy, feel free to contact Karen at:

puppies “at” or use the  “Contact Us!” page.


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  1. Cliff says:

    We’ve been bringing ALL of our dogs inside whenever there are cold temperatures outside. So, with the 5 puppies, we’ve found that the easiest way to make the trip out to their pen, is to:

    1.Let them out the back door to the backyard.
    2. Let their dad, McRuff, lead them through the garden where 2 goats are currently residing.
    3. Around the house
    4. Through the front yard.
    5. To the pen where they go through an X-pen gate, which I then close.
    6. McRuff then jumps over the X-pen fence and I close the big gate.

    Standard procedure, from now on… lol.

  2. kim says:

    we brought speck home, gave him a bath, and we are all in the living room hanging out! he’s fitting in wonderfully!

    • admin says:

      We’re so happy that he’s found such a wonderful home! He’s sure to love it there!

      • kim says:

        Steve decided he looked more like a Jake, so that what we went with instead of max…. he went and saw his vet yesterday for shots, a check up, and to get his broken leg re-splinted. The vet said he was very healthy and a very well behaved puppy! We love him so much. He is growing quickly! Did joker make it to his home yet?

        • admin says:

          Joker’s flight got cancelled at the last moment, because of the weather. But, we’ve got a good shot at Thursday. Glad that Jake is doing good and we hope he gets to run with you soon!

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