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   Sep 04

A knock on the door at dawn

We were awakened at 6:15 this morning by someone knocking on our front door, which immediately started Lacy (who was inside) barking ferociously. My PJs were decent enough that I jumped up and went to the door. Turned out that the knocking was Obie, our livestock guardian dog, who was just finishing his night shift. He wished to let us know that the neighbor’s cattle were out again, had come up the driveway and were currently roaming our front and side yards. He’s not a herding dog, so of course, he knocked on the front door asking that we bring one of the herding dogs outside. Sandra Poppe and her family re-homed Obie with us when they moved home to the Netherlands (four or five years ago??) He’s not only been a great guardian dog for us but also a near-daily source of laughter. How many dogs do you know who knock on the front door when there’s a problem they are not equipped to handle?

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One Comment

  1. Megan Whitmer says:

    lol, That is really funny. Thanks for sharing.

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