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   Dec 31

English Shepherds

English Shepherds have been in Karen’s family for many generations, beginning with her great grandfather, L.E. Hobbs.  Stories told in the family put the first ES at the Hobbs farm in the 1920’s.  Karen’s first memories of her early childhood are centered on two farms – that of her great-grandparents, L.E. and Ethyl Hobbs and that of her grandparents, Earl and Martha Hobbs.  Both farms had working English Shepherds that were also beloved family companions. One of those dogs,  Laddie, who lived to be 17, was not only a part of Karen’s childhood, but also her mother’s childhood.  How often does that happen???  As time allows, Karen intends to add some additional pages about the English Shepherds from her childhood…. Sandy, Melody, Frosty, Spot, Tony, Lucky, Barney and others.

The family inadvertently let the Hobbs line of ES die out in the 1980’s and there was a period of time where “outside” ES lived and worked at the Hobbs farm.  There was also a time when we could not find an ES at all.

In the early part of the 21 century, with the advent of easy internet communications, the breed our family has so dearly loved came back to the Hobbs ranch.  Karen and her sister Renee (Pioneer English Shepherds), determined that no member of our family should ever again have a time that an ES was not available.  This was the beginning of Concharty English Shepherds – which is dedicated to preserving the heritage of English Shepherds as they were when Karen first remembers them in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  So, it goes without saying that they were the first animals at Concharty Heritage Acres and are the reason that Concharty exists… Karen wanted a place where her dogs could roam free.

We love this breed and they are the only true pets on the farm. We don’t breed them for the sake of having puppies for sale. We sometimes go several years between litters.



  1. Lonnie Wallace says:

    I want a cow dog and friend , the dog must live out side in a dog house or shed and meet me every morning ready for chores I in return give my dog a good home and lots of respect and fun chasing mice and other things.

    • admin says:

      Then, an English Shepherd is probably just the breed you’re looking for. My cow dog, Levi, lives to have a chance at working with the cattle. His mother, Libby, was probably the best mouser we ever had.

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