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   Apr 24

Concharty Sam I Am – An English Shepherd Hero

Concharty Sam I Am - Both Handsome and Heroic!

Concharty Sam I Am – Both Handsome and Heroic!

I opened Facebook this morning and found that I’d been tagged on a post by Michelle Richardson, owner of Concharty Sam I Am (from our April 2013 litter out of Concharty Lady McKenzie by Taulman’s Tri Shooter). With Michelle’s permission, here is the post she made in the English Shepherd Society group.

“Sam’s first save….checked cows missing Spice [later described by Michelle as “a 3/4 Corriente/Longhorn and 1/4 Angus with big freaking horns!] who is a very ready to calve first calf heifer. Find her along the creek in heavy brush clearly agitated. Her newborn calf is in the creek.

Calf in the creek

Calf in the creek

Water isn’t real deep but the banks are tall and very steep. One spot with a bit of slope I think maybe I can boost the baby up. Get in the creek from the opposite side and grab up baby. I’m halfway up the embankment when momma decides to join me.  I yell for Sam who had crossed the creek already. He already had momma by the hamstring. When she turned to fight him I tried to shove baby up the bank but couldn’t and she fell back in the creek.

I bailed before momma got in the creek. Back to the house for feed and ropes. Distracted mom with some feed and spent about an hour trying to get a rope on the baby. Several times Sam had to go to her head to get her attention off me. Finally got a rope around her middle got up on the bank and pulled her up. Momma came right behind. I had to drop the rope Sam had to intervene and we retired to a safe distance. Momma stepped on the babies hind leg. We watched a while and when mom settled down some I used a stick to get the rope off baby. She eventually stood and was weight bearing on the leg mom stepped on. Have not seen her nurse udder is clearly not nursed. Could only get her about 15 ft from the creek. Have done all I can hope she didn’t inhale water. Thanks pal for saving my butt…thanks Karen Booker Chism for picking the right pup.”

Thank YOU, Michelle, for providing Sam with a great home where he can shine!  I’m very proud of the dog Sam has become.  He’s tough with your cows when need be, but gentle with your chickens and the babies – an ideal example of the English Shepherds we strive to breed and he’s in an ideal home for his personality!

~ Karen

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  1. Thanks….morning baby update looks like she has nursed. Is now a safe distance from the creek curled up and looks fairly content. Spice was much calmer. If she didn’t suck up creek water and doesn’t get navel ill from the mud think we are OK. She has been named “Veri” as in very lucky

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