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   Feb 03

Like Son, Like Father?

I suppose just about every human has some quirk about them. I would imagine that most animals are no different. In McRuff’s case, he shows an almost obsessive desire to level his food. He’s done it since we brought him home at 8 weeks of age. If the food in his dish is heaped up, he will almost always level it out before he eats it. [note from Karen: Cliff has been known to mess with him by waiting until McRuff isn’t looking, then scoop the food all to one side of the bowl after he’s already gotten it leveled out. McRuff will look at it like “how did THAT happen???” and use his nose to quickly get it all level again. I love him, but he’s a weird dog in this aspect! LOL]

Now, for the strange part. McRuff’s father (Buddy) recently came to live with us, and he had never met his son. Due to some logistical issues as well as how many female dogs we’ve had in heat, we have not allowed them to be alone together. They have never eaten together.

Today, Buddy (McRuff’s father) was in his crate and whining (we have several girls in heat at the moment and he wanted to be with them). So, I decided to give him a small handful of kibble in his crate as a distraction. When I looked up, he was moving each individual piece of food with his nose, to a central location in his crate. Only when it was all in the same place, did he eat it all.

I’m not saying that it’s definitive proof that some behaviors are hereditary. But, it sure does make us wonder and give pause.

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  1. kim Osceola says:

    I will have to watch Jake closer when he eats to see if he does it, too! Lol

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