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   May 21

Lawn Sweeper or Guinea Hogs

I admit it. I get behind on my chores a lot of times. So, when I do catch up, anything that can make it easier is blessing. We have two of  our dogs in the backyard, in a 60 x 40 foot pen and with the winter ending and spring rains coming, it snuck up on me (read as: I ignored it) for all too long. Usually when I mow it with a string trimmer, I rake up all the cuttings and throw it over the fence to two adjacent pens containing American Guinea Hogs. They love it. But, this year I was looking at the situation and decided that I could put the dogs in the garden that we’re not using this year and just let the pigs go Hog Wild. I cut the wire on the fence, opened it up and 6 hogs cleaned up ALL of the cuttings in just 3 days!



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