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   Feb 03

Olive, the pig that plays possum!

Olive is one of our foundation sows. She was one of the hogs we purchased from our friend, Anthea. When Olive naps, she REALLY naps! Sometimes, she’s convinced us that she’s died. Seriously.

You can call her name, whoop and holler and she never moves a muscle. I’ve even gotten feed in the scoop and shook it – no response. Cliff has climbed into the pen and shook her – and was finally totally and fully convinced she was dead. About that time, she popped her head up, snorted and scared the wits out of him. 🙂

Yesterday, we were at Anthea’s and described all this to her and some other folks. Then today, Anthea came to help us with a goat and I took her over to see Olive, who’s due to farrow any time. As we neared the pen, both of us had a catch in our breath as we saw her. She was laid out sort of on her belly, but her head oddly off to one side. Her mouth was slightly agape and her tongue was lolling. I thought, “Oh carp! She’s really died this time, and right in front of Anthea!” Cliff, who was out in the pasture, saw her about the same time and hollered, “Is she okay??”

Anthea and I rushed around the corner, yelling her name. Nothing. Then, as we stared at her dead body, I was thinking of all the piglets in her belly who had died with her. I started to wonder how we’d bury her. And then… we saw her take a breath and saw her ear flick ever so slightly. Other than that, she STILL looked deader than the proverbial door nail.

About that time, she opened her eyes, blinked heavily, lifted her head and gave us a look that showed clearly that she was not thrilled to be awakened from her deep sleep.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me again. Fool me 17 times….. dang you, Olive!

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