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   Apr 13

The Guardian Nature of the English Shepherd

I had a really amazing experience with Lacy this morning.

We have a couple of dogs that kill any poultry they can get hold of, so they are forced to live in one of our fenced yards and only get out when on leash as all our chickens, ducks and turkeys are free-range.

This morning, I put Lacy into an adjoining yard and left to get the oil changed on one of our vehicles. When I returned, one of the first things I saw was that one of our Muscovy hens had flown into the yard where she was in mortal danger. (Flying into that yard is the fastest way to deselect yourself from the birdy gene pool!!!)

Immediately, I saw Scrappy slinking toward her. Before I could react, Lacy charged at the fence and gave Scrappy the “stink eye”. No barking, she just glared at him. He stopped dead in his tracks and backed off from the duck. I decided to watch for a bit, once I was ready at the back door to run out if necessary. SEVERAL times the two dogs started to approach the duck and each time, Lacy stopped them with her glare and made them back off. She was about 30′ from the duck, but was still able to protect it.

Eventually, Cliff went out and rescued the duck, but she wasn’t even missing a feather, thanks to Lacy – who couldn’t even get near her!! It was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen!

~ Karen

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  1. Elaine says:

    I shared with the American Working Farmcollie community page on fb!

  2. Carolyn De Voe says:

    This is the English Shepherd to a tee! Dad got me one when I was six months old, and he was six weeks. Companion, guard, herder, and more. After seventy years, I still have an English Shepherd. Love them.

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