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   Jan 31

Trimming Bull Horns

There are a great many things, that I know a great deal about… and then there is the subject of trimming the horns on a bull…

Cedar is one of our best and most gentle bulls. He was raised by another person to be a “show bull”. But, that was not our intention. His horns had been “trained” in a downward position and pointed towards his face, and they are beautiful horns, but they would have to be trimmed from time to time. The previous owner of Cedar had told us how easy it is. Having grown up around a great many used car salesmen, I wasn’t quite sure of how truthful this advice was…

Today was the day that I no longer had the option of putting it off and I had to trim them. My neighbor told me that, while he had never had to do it, he was “pretty sure” that it wouldn’t cause any discomfort to trim off a half inch or so. I am a skeptical person by nature and asked him if he would “help me”? To his credit, he said “yes” and we trekked off into the pasture, where Cedar was contentedly eating hay from a round bale. At this year’s Farm Show in Tulsa, I had purchased a set of limb loppers with a hardened blade and ratchet action. If it could go through a two inch limb, my thought was that a 1/2″ of horn would present no difficulty.  So, while my neighbor held Cedar by the neck (purely for aesthetic purposes, since Cedar could’ve thrown both of us through the fence), I latched on to the horn with an exit plan already in motion, should it become necessary.

Funny enough, he didn’t care one bit. One of the worst things about doing something new, is the fact that I was doing something new. That doesn’t make it hard. It doesn’t always require a great deal of skill. But, it does require that I try. For all the worry, there was nothing to it. No pain. No discomfort. I’m sure he’s much happier now.

Cedar with his horns trimmed


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