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   Jan 30

A note about links and referrals on

When something works well for me, I want to jump up and down and tell the world how to do it. So, I will post a link to the service or product on our website. At the time of this writing, we don’t receive any money, goods or services for these referrals. The company is getting free advertising, simply because they produce a great and helpful product.

With that said, “great and helpful” is my opinion, and should not be confused with fact. It worked for me and that does not mean it will work well for your situation. So, caveat emptor.

Finally, I am NOT opposed to receiving advertising reimbursements from any of the companies that I endorse. So, if this ever happens (and I have doubts that it ever will), I will make sure that I note that I have become a paid endorser of the product. So, if anyone wants to pay me for their free advertising, then bring it on. But, know this… I will never endorse a subpar product, without at least noting it’s deficiencies and lamenting that there isn’t a better solution available.

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