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   Feb 24

McRuff got evaluated as a herding dog, today!

A friend of ours came by today, to evaluate one of our English Shepherds as a herding dog. We’d love to have a dog that can help us move livestock around. But, knowing little about training them and not wanting to instill bad habits, we decided to let a professional get us started. Dave brought […]

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   Feb 09

If Roseanne Rosannadanna lived on a farm

From Karen… It’s been a rough week at Concharty. Last weekend, our newest goat, Dominique, had her kids in the middle of the night. Both were little doelings and both were dead when we found them. We suspect hypothermia, but it’s only a guess. We started milking Dominique twice each day. We milked her by […]

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   Feb 03

Olive, the pig that plays possum!

Olive is one of our foundation sows. She was one of the hogs we purchased from our friend, Anthea. When Olive naps, she REALLY naps! Sometimes, she’s convinced us that she’s died. Seriously. You can call her name, whoop and holler and she never moves a muscle. I’ve even gotten feed in the scoop and […]

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   Feb 03

Like Son, Like Father?

I suppose just about every human has some quirk about them. I would imagine that most animals are no different. In McRuff’s case, he shows an almost obsessive desire to level his food. He’s done it since we brought him home at 8 weeks of age. If the food in his dish is heaped up, […]

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