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   Jan 31

Trimming Bull Horns

There are a great many things, that I know a great deal about… and then there is the subject of trimming the horns on a bull… Cedar is one of our best and most gentle bulls. He was raised by another person to be a “show bull”. But, that was not our intention. His horns […]

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   Jan 26

Dexter Bull For Sale

JB is the son of our primary bull, Cedar, and he needs a new home. He is a dun, short-legged, and has a pretty gentle temperament. He has been haltered before, but we haven’t done it in quite a while. ┬áHis most recent progeny, Ciara, has proven to be a very fine heifer. If you […]

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   Jan 04

A lot of bellowing going on…

Today, I had to move our calf, Ciara, out of one pasture and into another. She is either at, or past, breeding age. Being a first year heifer, we don’t want her to be bred this year, if she hasn’t been bred already. When she was born, Karen told me that I needed to “have […]

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