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   Dec 21

Dexter and Brown Swiss Cattle

Dexters have been at Concharty, almost since the farm was started in 2005. From our first cow, Leila, their numbers have steadily increased on the ranch.

Leila with her calf Ciara

Leila with her calf Ciara

In 2012, we added a Brown Swiss (Ellie) and her calf, who is half dexter and half brown swiss.

Ellie the Brown Swiss Cow

Ellie the Brown Swiss Cow

Both the dexter and the brown swiss share several traits that make them superior for a small farm. They are excellent foragers and make use of just about everything that will grow in the pastures. The only weed is a plant that no animal will eat, and both of these cattle make for a very short list of weeds. Both are also excellent milkers and their meat is superb. Lastly, both will work under yoke, as oxen.

The biggest difference between them is in size. The dexters are fairly small and very gentle. The brown swiss shares the gentleness, but is HUGE. Our Ellie is taller than I am.

Our primary bull, Cedar, is a purebred dexter.


  1. Carrie Williams says:

    Ellie Cow!!! ♥

  2. Carrie Williams says:

    Yes! We have since they day they left, but we know they are in great hands and you will be enjoying them for years to come. Give them all a treat from me!

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