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   Jan 01

Obie’s Page

I have no doubt that there are better Livestock Guardian Dogs in the world. But, I do doubt that we would trade our Obie for any of them. I have never met another dog that is so gentle with all of our animals and so fearless of any predators that might happen on to our land.

During kidding season, he’ll let the young goats play “King of the Obie” on him. But, should a coyote or coydog make its way here, he’ll run them until they’re gone… or until they drop. Dropping never ends well.

Just about every cold or wet morning, he’ll ask to come into the house to warm up, and within a few minutes, to an hour, he’ll ask to be let out again, so that he can check on his charges.

All of our animals hold a place in our hearts. Obie has a special place.

Obie likes to rest with "his" ducks

Obie likes to rest with “his” ducks










We usually keep some leaves around in bags, so that we can use them as mulch, compost or for whatever else they might be useful… Obie has his own ideas on what they are good for, in the winter.obie in the leaves

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