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   Mar 15

Obie’s always there to greet me in the morning…

IMG_20150314_084155491Two of us here at Concharty work the night shift. Obie and I. Our habits are very similar. I go to work at about 9 pm. He goes to work at dark. He works all night to protect Karen and our animals. I work all night to feed him. I get home at about 7 am and he is ready to go inside as soon as I get there.

Whenever I turn in the driveway, I almost ALWAYS see him rush to the other end of the driveway to see who’s there. He’ll stare at me as I check the mailbox for the previous day’s mail. He thinks he knows who it is, but he’s just unsure enough to stay at the other end and wait for the last clue. When he sees me get back in the truck and continue down the drive (it’s 700 feet long), then he knows it’s me for sure. With his characteristic leaping turn, he runs to the turn and waits for my arrival. When I get there and open the door, he gives one last sniff (he’s gotta be sure I’m not just a clever impostor) and then goes into what could be one of several shenanigans:

1. Paws up in the truck door meaning he wants to be petted as soon as possible.

2. Fall down, go boom meaning he wants to be petted on the belly as soon as possible, but I’m going to have to come to him.

3. Running full speed for the door, meaning that he’s willing to wait to be petted and wants to go straight for the time clock.

Obie is the only dog that is allowed to sleep in our bedroom. He has a special place at the end of the bed, since there’s just not a bed big enough for all of us. Also, there’s the fact that he can’t take off his raincoat at the door. This morning it was raining, as it has been for the last couple of days, and he was a poor sight. Anyone else might think that he’s depressed. But, we know how much he loves being outside, laying atop his gravel hill in the front yard surveying his kingdom and keeping a watchful eye over it. When things dry up, he’ll be pretty happy about that. But, while the rain and snow will come and go, I know that Obie will be there… and let me know that everything went fine while I was gone.

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