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   Feb 03


DSC00008 Bella is our watchdog. Nothing enters or leaves, or even moves, without her notice. It’s easy to tell whether the “intruder” is human or animal by listening to Bella’s bark. She has a different bark for when our animals are in the “wrong” place. She ignores cars that drive past the farm so long as they stay on the road. But if a car turns into our driveway – even to turn around – Bella’s intruder alert bark begins. Bella is now trustworthy around the free range poultry after killing quite a few when we first introduced them to the farm. It has been several years, however, since she harmed one. Bella is NOT safe to have around first-time visitors, as she’s been know to use her teeth. She has never broken skin on anyone, but HAS ripped some blue jeans! Bella’s use of teeth has precluded us from breeding her, as that is not a trait we want to continue. We love her – but she’s not a dog that we would be comfortable breeding.

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