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   May 21

Lawn Sweeper or Guinea Hogs

I admit it. I get behind on my chores a lot of times. So, when I do catch up, anything that can make it easier is blessing. We have two of ¬†our dogs in the backyard, in a 60 x 40 foot pen and with the winter ending and spring rains coming, it snuck up […]

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   May 05

Q: What do you do when a 300 pound sow is wandering around the yard?

A: I don’t know. Khella has escaped from her pen with Festus. I don’t want to do anything that will completely stress her out. But, she’s not into food and won’t lead on it, especially since she has all the grass in the world she could want. She absolutely refuses to enter ANY pen. She’s […]

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   Feb 09

If Roseanne Rosannadanna lived on a farm

From Karen… It’s been a rough week at Concharty. Last weekend, our newest goat, Dominique, had her kids in the middle of the night. Both were little doelings and both were dead when we found them. We suspect hypothermia, but it’s only a guess. We started milking Dominique twice each day. We milked her by […]

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   Feb 03

Olive, the pig that plays possum!

Olive is one of our foundation sows. She was one of the hogs we purchased from our friend, Anthea. When Olive naps, she REALLY naps! Sometimes, she’s convinced us that she’s died. Seriously. You can call her name, whoop and holler and she never moves a muscle. I’ve even gotten feed in the scoop and […]

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