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   Feb 03


Libby, the pack matriarch, is the mother of McKenzie and grandmother of Feather. She is top dog in every meaning of that position and every other dog here will bow down to her… or she will make them. Karen often refers to Libby as QOTFU, or Queen of the Freaking Universe.

Libby is by far the bossiest ES we’ve ever had. She is not bossy with people, but she is bossy with every animal on the farm. Libby knows the rules and she will not hesitate to enforce them. Generally, this is accomplished with just a stern look (known in our family as “the stink eye”), but she’s been known to put dogs two times her size on their backs while she reads them the riot act and explains the rules. Libby understands so many words that we can’t begin to count them.

In addition to the UKC and ESCR breed registries, Libby is registered with the American Working Farmcollie Association as PRGN, meaning that she has been evaluated as having all three traits of the historic farm dog – herding, guarding and hunting. Libby has the power to work bulls and the tenderness to fetch eggs and hand them to Karen with the shells fully intact (with the exception of the last one, which she invariably “accidentally” breaks and eats). Libby loves all people, but especially children. She is a tender nurturer of any type of baby and a fierce protector when required. Libby has zero tolerance for gophers, moles and mice. She has probably caught and killed as many mice single-handed as our many barn cats combined.

Libby’s primary flaw is that she has never been fully reliable around chickens. That same prey drive that is great for “critter getting” is a liability when it comes to chickens. She was four years old before she was exposed to poultry and it’s always been her biggest failing. Our chickens free-range. She’ll go for long periods of time where she ignores chickens that wander around her in the yard – and then one day we’ll look outside and she’s killed one. She knows it’s wrong. She knows it makes Karen furious, but occasionally she still kills one. She then acts all pathetic and apologetic… until she kills another one a few weeks or months or years later.

Libby had three litters of puppies before she was retired from breeding.

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