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   Jan 23

Muscovy Ducks

DSC00300Muscovy Ducks came to Concharty in 2012. We have 2 drakes and 3 ducks. Although we’ve yet to see any breeding activity, we are hopeful that we’ll see some ducklings in the spring.

It kind of amazed me that I hardly ever hear anything but an occasional hiss from a drake. But, a friend has told me that Muscovy’s are also known as Chinese Quackless Ducks. So, that would explain it.

They tend to follow me around the farm as I do the chores, hoping that a scrap of this, that or the other might be thrown their way.  Once in a blue moon, they’ll all take flight at once (for some unseen reason) and it is a beautiful sight.

Edited to add on August 1, 2013:

A funny thing happened when I got home from work today. As I got out of my work truck, I was greeted with the sight of one duck hen with a trail of 11 ducklings behind her. I originally thought that this was an unexpected surprise. But, Karen quickly reminded me that it was only “unexpected” for one of us. She had seen this hen setting her nest under a barrel in the yard, out of sight of predators and one rancher (that would be me!). So here, in all their glory, are the ducklings that Karen expected… and I didn’t!















So now, I’m off to get a better picture of the ducklings… and to mow the yard!

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