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   Feb 17

2012 McRuff x Feather Litter

We still have two male puppies available, Tippy and Blaze! Both are well-behaved and quite active. All of the others are living great lives with their new families, both here in Oklahoma, and elsewhere in the United States. They have have grown a bit since these pictures were taken, and their adult coats are beginning to come in. We’re going to try to have updated pictures here in the next couple of days.

For now, you can see Tippy and Blaze in these videos (Quicktime Required). Tippy is the one that is “leveling out” his food.

Tippy Organizing His Food 1

Tippy Organizing His Food 2

Tippy Organizing His Food 3


Blaze 121227
Blaze – who was also the only one that would pose for the camera

These puppies were born on October 4, 2012. The mother was our Feather and the sire was our McRuff.  Feather, in the picture below, is a very smart and gentle girl. Although she can be a bit mischievous in the kitchen, she’s very much a Daddy’s girl and extremely friendly.EXIF_JPEG_T422


The puppies get their energy from their dad. McRuff is very energetic and husky in build, as is his father,  Buddy. McRuff is great at following direction and performs every task with military precision and snap!

McRuff - The Proud Papa

McRuff – The Proud Papa

Those lucky people that got first pick have been singing about how smart and fast to learn they are!

If you’re looking for a puppy, feel free to contact Karen at:

puppies “at” or use the  “Contact Us!” page.


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  1. kim Osceola says:

    We love jake, aka speck, more and more each day. He is wonderful ! Could go on and on, but I’m sure you know how perfect this breed is. Never again will i have another breed of dog 🙂

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