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   Apr 24

Concharty Sam I Am – An English Shepherd Hero

I opened Facebook this morning and found that I’d been tagged on a post by Michelle Richardson, owner of Concharty Sam I Am (from our April 2013 litter out of Concharty Lady McKenzie by Taulman’s Tri Shooter). With Michelle’s permission, here is the post she made in the English Shepherd Society group. “Sam’s first save….checked […]

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   Apr 13

The Guardian Nature of the English Shepherd

I had a really amazing experience with Lacy this morning. We have a couple of dogs that kill any poultry they can get hold of, so they are forced to live in one of our fenced yards and only get out when on leash as all our chickens, ducks and turkeys are free-range. This morning, […]

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   Mar 03

Like Father, Like Son… Like Grandson?

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, Buddy and McRuff both like to “level” their food and organize it. Today, I caught Tippy doing the same thing and managed to catch it on video! By the way, that is also Blaze in the video, although I haven’t caught him doing it… yet. I tried […]

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   Feb 24

McRuff got evaluated as a herding dog, today!

A friend of ours came by today, to evaluate one of our English Shepherds as a herding dog. We’d love to have a dog that can help us move livestock around. But, knowing little about training them and not wanting to instill bad habits, we decided to let a professional get us started. Dave brought […]

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   Feb 03

Like Son, Like Father?

I suppose just about every human has some quirk about them. I would imagine that most animals are no different. In McRuff’s case, he shows an almost obsessive desire to level his food. He’s done it since we brought him home at 8 weeks of age. If the food in his dish is heaped up, […]

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   Jan 30

Denied! The Trials of a Traveling Puppy…

Poor Joker! He was all excited to make the trip to Wisconsin. For those that don’t know, there are a lot of rules and regulations for a traveling puppy. The temperature has to be within a certain range at start, stops and destination, which can make travel a little difficult in the the winter, especially […]

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   Jan 22

2012 English Shepherd Puppies!

These puppies were born on October 4, 2012. The mother was our Feather and the sire was our McRuff. ¬†Feather, in the picture below, is a very smart and gentle girl. Although she can be a bit mischievous in the kitchen, she’s very much a Daddy’s girl and extremely friendly.   The puppies get their […]

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