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   Apr 13

The Guardian Nature of the English Shepherd

I had a really amazing experience with Lacy this morning. We have a couple of dogs that kill any poultry they can get hold of, so they are forced to live in one of our fenced yards and only get out when on leash as all our chickens, ducks and turkeys are free-range. This morning, […]

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   Oct 17

Two Ducks Are Better Than One!

Earlier this year, one of our Muscovy’s hatched a bunch of ducklings. Because our ducks are all free-range, we had no way of confining them, in order to protect them. Slowly but surely, the ducklings disappeared one-by-one, with the prime suspects being our feral cats. We decided that we would have to find some way […]

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   Apr 04

It’s 3:15 a.m. and Raining – The Perfect Time For Birthing Baby Goats

A doeling and buckling! Both are doing well. But, talk about a mess! It’s about 40F outside, raining steadily and we had an electrical fire in the barn. Thankfully, Karen had her wits about her and pulled the wiring with a fiberglass hook pole while wearing rubber boots. So, no one is hurt and nothing […]

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