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   Oct 17

Two Ducks Are Better Than One!

Earlier this year, one of our Muscovy’s hatched a bunch of ducklings. Because our ducks are all free-range, we had no way of confining them, in order to protect them. Slowly but surely, the ducklings disappeared one-by-one, with the prime suspects being our feral cats. We decided that we would have to find some way to protect them. But, the ducks beat us to it. A few weeks ago, after our hens had been “missing in action” for some time, two of them suddenly reappeared… with 13 ducklings in tow!

2013 Muscovy Ducklings

It seems that since the hens had taken to setting the nest together, they decided to raise them together. In the evening, all of the ducklings will be under the wings of one of the girls, while the other stands guard nearby. In about 2 weeks, they haven’t lost a single duckling! And, we have NEVER seen the ducklings without both of the hens being present.

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