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   Apr 07

McKenzie x Buddy Pedigree

McKenzie x Buddy litter due April 2013 – and ready for new homes in June.

McKenzie x Buddy litter due April 2013

Kaschak’s Brandy
ItZa DeMost Happy Fella
ItZa High Sheriff Naomi Mohns
Red Bank Shooter
Barker’s Jack of All Trades
Peaslee’s Brighton
Barker’s Mersey
Taulman’s Tri Shooter aka Buddy
McDuffie’s Beethoven
Reynold’s Traveler
McDuffie’s Sassy
Kozar’s Omega
Scott’s Bogart
Kozar’s Castillo
Scott’s Annabelle
Cimarron Rustler
Cimmaron Doorco Copper
Kozar’s Molly
Sir Loin of Red Bank Beef
Red Bank Shooter
Sleeter’s Red Bank Wonder Woman
Kozar’s Omega
Concharty Lady McKenzie
Butchers Foothill Augtu
Butcher’s Cassie Sue
Cline’s Concharty Ad Lib aka Libby
McCalls Mike
McCalls Princess
McCalls Contessa

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