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   Jan 18


Tom The TurkeyWe just started raising turkeys in 2012. Unlike some of our other ventures, we were very reserved when we started, and spent very little on our “seed stock”. We bought some turkeys to get started, paying a very reasonable price for them, to see how they would work out.

We’ve been wanting turkey’s, but have been a little scared of the stories we’ve heard about Blackhead, which is a protozoan disease that is commonly carried by chickens, but can be deadly to young turkeys.  So, we wanted to begin with turkeys that had been raised with chickens, which “might” mean that they’ve developed some resistance to blackhead. We’ve got a lot of chickens and have never done anything to eradicate, control or prevent the disease. Since we’ve had our turkeys, we haven’t seen any indications of sickness. But, our turkey program is still very young and we haven’t produced any offspring yet and the jury is still out.

I do hope that we are successful. I have to say that there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” when you step outside in the morning and are greeted with the sight of a strutting and proud tom turkey (who, not coincidentally, is named… Tom).

Our Tom seems to have had some attackers pluck his tail feathers, although we’ve never seen it happen here. On the bright side, they have plucked him in a very symmetrical way and I’m sure he appreciates it.

Our turkeys are Black Spanish and Slate, or so we’ve been told. Truthfully, we’re just happy that they are doing well, here. In the next year, we hope to have a new generation and we plan to let the hens raise their own young.

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