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   May 15

Building a Forklift Front End for Our Tractor

Any ranch has a lot of stuff laying around, whether it be fencing materials, wire, you-name-it. I’ve taken to storing it on pallets to keep it off the ground. But, then the grass grows up around and through the pallet (if you don’t have a grass barrier) or I just need to move it around. […]

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   Mar 14

Building a Bread Slicer

Karen has been making all of our bread for a while and slicing all of that bread by hand became a bit of chore (anyone on a farm will attest that there are plenty of chores already and we don’t need another). So, with a special day coming up, I decided to build a bread […]

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   May 21

Lawn Sweeper or Guinea Hogs

I admit it. I get behind on my chores a lot of times. So, when I do catch up, anything that can make it easier is blessing. We have two of  our dogs in the backyard, in a 60 x 40 foot pen and with the winter ending and spring rains coming, it snuck up […]

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   Jan 30

Quick and Easy Chicken Waterer – And Poop Free!

I absolutely hate cleaning chicken water tubs. Almost everyday, I would have to dump out the tubs and wash them… wasting a lot of time and water. When I first saw these nipples, I had dreams of never washing a chicken waterer out, ever again. The nipples are a simple device and are simple to […]

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   Jan 23

Chicken Tractor Hoop House

I built these a couple of years ago, so that we would have a place to lock up the chickens at night (even though we rarely do) and so they could get out of the rain (back when it used to rain in Oklahoma).  They are quite heavy and can be moved by hand. But, […]

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   Jan 23

Quick and Easy Animal Shelter

  A local agricultural sprayer will sell these 275 gallon tote tanks to me for only 20 dollars. I use them for a lot of different purposes, including a water wagon for hauling water into the pasture (at least until I plumb the pasture with flexible piping). Normally, they come to me in a palletized […]

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