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   Mar 14

Building a Bread Slicer

Karen has been making all of our bread for a while and slicing all of that bread by hand became a bit of chore (anyone on a farm will attest that there are plenty of chores already and we don’t need another). So, with a special day coming up, I decided to build a bread slicer for her. I found an article about building one in Mother Earth News (March/April 1978) by John Shell. It couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a 6 foot 1×6 (be sure it is untreated), some screws and washers, glue and the finish of your choice. Cut 3 pieces to 18″ length. Fashion the side pieces to your own design. As can be seen in the photos, I’m not real artistic.



A little note about the slit for the knife to pass through… It has to be straight (of course) and parallel to the other side. I didn’t have a thin bladed saw with enough depth to make the cut. My solution was to cut the slit with a 1/8″ thick blade on a radial arm saw. 1/8″ is a lot compared to most bread knives. So, I cut off two short pieces of a NEW (not used…LOL) paint stirrer stick and attached the pieces of both sides to narrow the slit width. The advantage to this is that I can adjust the width of the gap, should we start using another bread knife with a thicker or thinner blade. So, instead of a bug, it became a feature!

For my finish, I lightly torched the outside of the box with a propane torch, to bring out the wood grain of the pine. Then, I hand rubbed mineral oil on all sides.

Here’s the finished slicer. It’s not a work of art. But, it works and made Karen very happy for her birthday.


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