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   Dec 21



The very first year we established our first two hives in 2010, we lost them to a record breaking freeze that winter. So, the next year, we rebuilt those two and added another. When winter came, we let them keep all of the honey, to make sure that they had adequate stores, and then… nothing. It was one of the most mild winters in recent memory.

This year, we decided to go ahead and let them keep all of the honey, with plans to really stay on top of the honey flow this year, so that we can harvest a little for ourselves.

We’ve gotten a lot of new ideas, just recently, from a beekeeping friend of ours, and I’m anxious to put them into practice, in the spring.

Hive Frame

Hopefully, we’ve learned enough by now, that we won’t have the devastating losses we’ve had in the past. Someday, we’d like to be able to sell our excess honey. But, we certainly haven’t gotten to that point, yet.

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