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   Apr 07

2013 McKenzie x Buddy Puppies are Here!

McKenzie x Buddy Pedigree

Now, let me say first that McKenzie has always been a very skinny girl and even when she was pregnant, she didn’t show much. So, we expected a pretty small litter. BUT, we did NOT expect four, five, seven, eight, nine, TEN puppies!

DSC00492It’s a mix of sables and tri’s, and McKenzie’s being a very attentive and protective mother. We’ve relocated all of the puppies inside now, and mother and puppies are resting comfortably!

DSC00486 DSC00488 DSC00489


  1. Michelle says:

    Any picture updates?

    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle! We will try to take some pictures of them this weekend and I apologize for not returning your email, yet. Karen handles all things about the puppies and she’s been swamped at work and farm. You should be hearing from her very soon!

  2. michelle says:

    No problem Cliff…just an excited puppy buyer….

  3. Patricia Spagnolo says:

    Met Karen a few years ago at an Herb and garden festival on Peoria in Tulsa by the Pyramid store. Almost got an English Shepherd from her. I regret for not doing so. She gave me her card. l ogged on your Website. I understand that the puppies McKenzie gave birth to, will be available in June. Would love to bring home one (a male) English Shepherd.
    Understand Karen is very busy at this time. Looking forward to hear from her at a more convenient time. Thank you. Patricia

  4. Kensy prices says:

    Can you tell me how much the males are?

  5. admin says:

    I’ve been a BAD webmaster. Unfortunately, all of the puppies have been placed! I apologize for the delay in my reply.

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